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Quick Solution offers you the most quality of services:

1. Construction of Artificial Turf Sport Surfaces:


  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf


2. Full Maintenance Services for Synthetic Grass Sport Surfaces:

We offer full maintenance services on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly base, for soccer pitches and tennis courts.

The frequency of the suggested maintenance is based on the usage of the sport surface.

Our experience from our own operation and problems we have faced over the past ten years, along with highly trained staff, allows us today to offer the best quality maintenance services.

Our clients will select the frequency of maintenance of their sport surfaces, based on the usage and willingness to undertake basic maintenance by themselves and in close cooperation with our company.


The basic maintenance steps to follow are:


  • Daily-Check fixtures and infill level at goal posts, penalty spots etc.
  • Weekly-Clear any rubbish, leaves, food stains, weeds or moss. Finally, groom the surface so you will ensure the direction of the fibres are vertical and at the same time you will redistribute the infill.
  • Monthly-Report any failure you discover to us. Check if the infill level is enough and if your play lines are in good condition.


3. Dr Fix Services for Synthetic Grass Sport Surfaces:


Our company due to the experience it has in the area of Synthetic Grass Sport Surfaces, starting from the construction until the maintenance and consulting services for managing Sport Clubs, can offer you the highest quality "Doctor Fix" services for your daily and routine problems for your sport surfaces.


We have the required experience along with the needed equipment, to successfully deal the problems that appears to your sport surfaces, our Dr fix team is experienced in repairing all damage to synthetic grass, such as cutting and replacing torn grass, trying to match it as close as possible to the pile height of the existing court surface.


4. Sports Clubs Management & Consulting Services