Flower and Garden Exhibition 2011

With our ever changing environment the need to conserve water has become essential with everyday living. The international water shortage problem and the water restrictions imposed to us, have made it more and more difficult to maintain the natural grass in our gardens and in our sport fields, we once took for granted.

On average, the typical household uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on the watering of their natural grass garden.

The water savings we could achieved when replacing natural grass with synthetic grass is substantial. Natural grass gardens also need time and money. With today's new life styles and demanding workplaces, time is of essence. The cost of maintenance a natural grass garden is higher when considering the weekly/monthly maintenance, fertilizers, equipment etc. The maintenance cost for a synthetic grass sport field is also lower than natural grass, even when water savings is excluded.


Our synthetic grass systems tranform, a previously high maintenance, costly sports fields or gardens, into an easy to maintain, water-saving show piece.



Water Conservation Tips


Conservation Tip Water Savings
Water Savings
Install QUICK SOLUTIONS landascaping synthetic grass
200m3 per year
Install QUICK SOLUTIONS soccer synthetic grass field
93.600m3 per year



Now you can enjoy a great looking green garden or sports field all year round, without any worries.


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